Pain and the Holidays

Today one of the people I follow on Twitter sent out this Tweet:

“The holidays r difficult 4 many whose pain goes unnoticed. Remember the hurting n ur family/church/neighborhood. Reach out.”

In all the hub bub of the holiday season I think we tend to forget that there are some people who find this time of year unbearable. Maybe they lost a loved one during this time of year and it is a painful remembrance of what life was like. Maybe they are homeless or some other problem faces them.

Church is not just about Christmas pageants and food, Christmas trees and singing carols, no this is the time of the year to think about the other. Think about another person who lives right next door to you and is in pain. Reach out, with the love of Christ, and help that person or get them the help they need. Take the holiday blinders off and look around.

The main point of the season is that the Word became flesh. God sent his Son to us, to help us and to guide us. The world is hurting and the Christ Child is here, born of a virgin to help us.

Reach out and help someone! You never know when that person might just be you.

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  1. Two days ago my sister and I went to a wake for someone we both have worked with for 10 years.
    She died of pancreatic cancer at age 35 and left a husband and 10 year old child.
    While in the car my sister said "you know I hate Christmas""I have no family left and its unfair to allow someone so young with a child to die a week before christmas"
    I told her Christmas is what you make of it.If you don't give to others then you miss the point of Christmas.
    God gave us Jesus his son has our gift and we give our gifts of love to others.linda

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