Russian Orthodox Church embraces gays

Editors note: Well this is a different turn of events! I agree, no one, regardless of their inclination, should be discriminated against. We may not agree with the choice but we need not discriminate against people for any reason.

MOSCOW — The head of the Russian Orthodox Church says that, although the church views homosexuality as a sin, homosexuality is a personal choice.

Patriarch Kirill says gays and lesbians must not be persecuted or discriminated against in any way, though the church still opposes same-sex marriages.

The patriarch’s statements, a breakthrough for the Russian church, were made during a meeting Wednesday with visiting Council of Europe Secretary General Thorbjorn Jagland.

Opposition to gay rights remains widespread in Russia, where homosexuality was decriminalized only in 1993.

Several high-profile Russian politicians have spoken against gay rights. Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov has described homosexuality as “satanic” and blamed homosexuals for spreading AIDS.

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  1. good for him.we are all God's children and the church needs to embrace all people not just the ones we like and feel comfortable with..
    Jesus didn't have a problem loving all people.

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