Haiti How to Help

I have been asking this question since the earthquake happened. What can I do? I have participated in two conference calls over the last two days about what church is doing to help. The biggest need right now, cold hard cash. As bad as that sounds that is what is needed. Everything is running out and cash is king.

Faith based groups from around the country are working together and with the US Government to help bring aid to Haiti. It is always amazing when I see churches of different denominations working together.

If you are looking for a concrete way to help you can get a group of people together and assemble Health Kits. These kits bring basics to people and will be needed for many, many months. The cost is less than $10 per kit and the supplies can be purchased locally, assembled, and then mailed to a central location.

Here is what is needed, and for more information check out this link:

Buy a one-gallon plastic bag with a zipper closure and fill it with the following items:

One hand towel
One washcloth
One comb
One metal nail file or nail clipper
One bar of soap (bath size, new and wrapped in original packaging)
One toothbrush (NO TOOTHPASTE)
Six Band-Aids

Secure the bag and pack it in a box. Secure the box with packing tape.

Clearly mark the outside of the box with the type of kit (“Health Kit-IOCC”) and number of kits that are enclosed. Apply the correct amount of postage and mail the box to the following address:

IOCC / Church World Service
Brethren Service Center Annex
601 Main St. P.O. Box 188
New Windsor, Md. 21776-0188

Be sure to include the name of the parish, group or individual sending the kits on the box.

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