Patriarch Daniel’s New Year Address: Let’s unite liberty and responsibility to do good

Romanian Orthodox Church Patriarch Daniel in his New Year Address urges the Romanians to nurture the gift of national unity and peace among people and unite liberty and responsibility,’ in order they should accomplish the good.’

On this New Year’s Eve we are all called to say prayers to God and thank Him for the well, He has bestowed on us in 2009 and ask His help to improve our lives with the good deeds of the Faith in the New Year 2010. Let’s pray for the Romanians living beyond the country’s borders, who are happy when they feel the love and praise of those at home.

Let’s nurture the gift of national unity and peace among people. Let’s be diligent and merciful, and help the people around us. I wish you all peace, good health and happiness and may Lord help you in the New Year, Patriarch Daniel concluded his New Year Address.

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