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First let me say that I never do this, I never publically endorse or support canididates for political office. I think it can be dangerous for clergy to support candidates in public but in Massachusetts we have a chance to make a change in Washington.

Scott Brown is a State Senator in Massachusetts, a Lt Colonel in the Massachusetts National Guard and a family man. As a republican he would bring some balance back to the US Senate delegation from Massachusetts.

It has been said that the person who replaces Ted Kennedy in the US Senate will be the deciding vote on health care. This is where Scott Brown stands on the issue:

I believe that all Americans deserve health care coverage, but that we shouldn’t have to create a new government insurance program to provide it. I support strengthening the existing private market system. In Massachusetts, I support the 2006 healthcare law that expanded coverage, but I believe the Deval Patrick administration must do more to contain the costs of the Commonwealth Care subsidy program.

Part of the health care bill is federal funding for abortions. Here is what Scott Brown says about abortion:

While this decision should ultimately be made by the woman in consultation with her doctor, I believe we need to reduce the number of abortions in America. I believe government has the responsibility to regulate in this area and I support parental consent and notification requirements and I oppose partial birth abortion. I also believe there are people of good will on both sides of the issue and we ought to work together to support and promote adoption as an alternative to abortion.

As a comparison, Martha Coakley, the other person running for the seat, is in favor of the public option on health care and has said she would not vote for a health care bill if it contained any limit on abortion. “Coakley, in her boldest gamble of the campaign, said that fighting for women’s access to abortions was more important than passing the overall bill, despite its aim of providing coverage for 36 million people, establishing a public insurance option, and prohibiting insurers from discriminating against patients with preexisting conditions.” (Boston Globe November 10th)

On his website Scott Brown writes about why he is running:

America is a great country but we also have some challenges that we need to solve if we’re going to remain the world’s superpower. The most important of our challenges is getting the U.S. economy moving again. People are hurting as they struggle to make ends meet. They’re worried about their future, and that of their children and grandchildren. I want to ensure that we leave them an America that is financially stronger and independent: minus a national debt that we can never repay.

I could not agree more.

As a Christian and a priest in the Orthodox Church the choice is clear. We have to protect life and we do that in many ways and we can start by voting Brown for US Senate.

Brown for Senate Website

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  1. Scott Brown had my vote in the primaries and he does so in the Senate election too. I will not support Marth Coakley just because she is a female…she has no morals if you were to ask me just as our president to even consider Government Funded abortions! If you were to ask me, there are way too many ways NOT to get pregnant…and abortion is not one of them!

  2. go scott,go scott..makes me wish I lived in Mass.
    Thats alright in nov.we in conn.can say "goodbye Chris Dodd its been real".linda

  3. I rallied for Scott Brown in Worcester on Sunday and was energized by the presence of so many good people. Now that he's won, I am again energized. I'm not much of a religious person but I did give thanks to God last night, as well prayed a bit yesterday.
    The people have spoken and we will be heard.

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