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For those of you who think I should not talk about politics you might want to skip this post. You have been warned.

So this past weekend former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin spoke at the Tea Party Convention in Tennessee. Now let me first say that I do not think Sarah Palin is an idiot, no one could rise to become the Governor of a state and be an idiot, but I do not think she is presidential material either.

Using terms like “hopey changy thing” is not going to endear her to me as a serious candidate. I also think it is high time, and I say this about politicians on both sides of the debate, stop telling me what the other has or has not done and tell me how you are going to make America better. Everyone needs to stop blaming and start leading.

In my previous post I spoke about being a leader. It is not easy to lead and it is not easy to make decisions and then stand by them. I was told once that as a leader if you don’t have half the people mad at you at any one time you are not doing your job. I would have to say that is a true statement.

I think people on both sides of the issues have good intentions and I think the only way America works and will continue to work is if we all work together. We should not support something just because it is democrat or republican nor should we discount something for the same reason. We need to work together.

Now for a few words about the Tea Party movement. If you read this blog on a regular basis you know I participated in a march back in the spring and even had my picture taken holding a sign. I support peoples right to speak out and march that’s what makes America great. I believe in freedom of speech and all that but I do not support people who call the president of the United States Hitler. I think is is demeaning to the office of the president as well as to all of those who fell by the hand of that mad man. With that said the best thing about the Tea Party movement was that is was regular people.

Well the convention held this past weekend cost $450 just to get in the door. Now there were a lot of people there but I do not know too many real people that have $450 to spare. I would also ask what that money will be used for. I also understand that Gov. Palin was paid $100,000 for her appearance. Very cool for her and she should be out making money. By the way if someone wants me to come and speak I will do it for less… Email me and we can talk… LOL I also understand she is giving the money back, if this is true good for her.

All of this is to say do not let anyone make up your mind for you. Vote how you feel and be informed. Do not just watch FoxNews or CNN or any other news. All national news, and I don’t care which one it is, is biased toward a certain position. Read the speeches for yourself. Read the candidates website for yourself talk to the candidates for yourself. Elections are too important to just vote for a candidate because of the party they are affiliated with.

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  1. Re "Using terms like "hopey changy thing" is going to endear her to me as a serious candidate."

    Did you leave a "not" out of that sentence?

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