Olympic Hockey

I am not what one would call a hockey fan. I like to watch hockey but I don’t really follow it and not sure who plays for what team. Does Bobby Or still play?

However I rely got into the Olympic Hockey these past two weeks. Maybe it was the level of play that drew me in but I even watched the women play and they were great. I am not sure how I feel about professionals playing in what is supposed to be armature sports, but yesterday’s game was one for the books. With less than one minute left in regulation play the USA scored a goal and sent the game into overtime. What a better way to end the Olympics. Okay would have been better if the USA won but hey it was a great series.

Now I will also admit I did have a tear in my eye when the entire place started to sing O Canada. Maybe it is because I am only 2 generations removed from my own Canadian heritage or maybe it is because I like the tune either way it is something when the flag is raised and the anthem is played. Team USA has nothing to be ashamed of and they should hold their heads high. As far as I remember they were not expected to get this far!

So we had some great TV the last few weeks and now we need to wait 2 years for the summer Olympics in London. Not that big of a fan of the Summer Olympics but I am sure I will watch.

The big question is this, will all of you who watched the Hockey game yesterday tune in now to watch the NHL?

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  1. I also am 2 generations removed from Canadian decent.All of my grandparents came from Canada and settled in there,from France,in 1680.
    It is a wonderful thing to see the flag of Canada and hear its countries theme.
    What is also wonderful is the fact that they won the last olympic game with their sport on their land and at the games hosted by their country,how sweet is that…linda

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