Open Letter to Vice President Biden

Dear Mr. Vice President,

I am posting this open letter to you to address the foul language that you used yesterday at the bill signing ceremony at the White House.

During the week long run up to the bills passage on Sunday, much was made of the opposition using colorful language to describe some members of Congress. I wrote about how disappointed I was with the tactics of some people and how it seems that political debate in this country has fallen to that of a bar room.

Your choice of language when speaking with the President of the United States was crude and uncalled for. You had the attention of the world for the signing of the historical health care reform bill and this is how you choose to represent yourself, the President of the United States and the American people to the world.

Some have said that this was intended as private conversation between you and the President. My response is that this word should not be used by the second highest elected official in the United States of America, actually no one should use the word. We have taken the Office of the Vice President and run it through the gutter.

Mr. Vice President, I believe you owe all Americans an apology for your choice of words. I call on you to make the apology public and sincere and I also suggest, that as a Roman Catholic, you avail yourself of Sacramental Confession during this time of Lent.

Mr. Vice President, Americans look to you and your office as a leader and we expect more from the person who holds the office once held by John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Theodor Roosevelt, and Harry Truman.

Mr. Vice President it is time to “man up” and apologize.


  1. The one thing I can say about the v.p. is he sure knows how to lighten a mood.
    Everyone is so angery and serious about this health care bill that you have to admit it's really comical for Biden to say what he did.Kind of like a child… out of the mouths of babies.
    Vice President Biden is just plain funny.he's the court jester of the white house.linda

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