Last night I watched the premier episode of a new series on NBC called Parenthood. I was a little sceptical going into watching this episode as now a days TV programs seem to be all about sex and drugs and disobeying ones parents. Well I am happy to report I was wrong!

This is a wonderful family show that I think ranks right up there with some of the great programs about families to include “Eight is Enough” and “The Waltons.” However the show was a little hard to follow as there are a lot of people in the show and you really need to pay attention to who belongs to who, so it takes some work on your part to watch.

The premise of the story is it follows one family. The parents Craig T Nelson and Bonnie Bedelia have 4 grown children with a combined five children between them. It has the typical one child is the lawyer that works way too much and the daughter who moved away and married the rock star and now is moving home. Hey every family has those right?

Well the story follows all of them and how they interact with each other. Very well done I would say. This is not “Leave it to Beaver” but it is a great show and I plan to watch more.

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