Sex and the Pope

Okay do I have your attention?

These seem to be the headlines the last few days at the Pope Benedict facing continuing criticism for his handling, or lack there of, of sex abusers during his time in Germany and after. How does one handle all of this.

Some of you who read this blog will think it is okay because after all he is Heterodox! Well I say that is just rubbish. We are all Christians and we need each other and should be praying for each other.

Much of the criticism comes from those who would not support this particular Pope regardless of what he does. Some feel the Church needs renewal and some think the church is okay right where it is. You are always going to have people who criticize what you do if they disagree with you. Some will say he is going too far, and some will say he is not going far enough. I pray for His Holiness everyday, as I pray for many people. It is difficult to be in a position of leadership in the church be it pastor or supreme pastor.

In what could only have been a foreshadowing of the attacks he was to face, during his installation he spoke there words: “Pray for me, that I may not flee for fear of the wolves.” The wolves are at the door for sure!

The real test of a leader is how they hang in there. Do they cut and run when the going gets tough or do they hang in there and fight it out. As pastor of a parish, I am the shepherd of my community during the good times and the bad. Early on during some bad times I wanted to cut and run, but that is the easy thing to do. The hard part is to stay and face the music. Sticking with the shepherd visual, when the sheep are on the hill and all is well, the shepherd has time to relax, just a little. Then the wolf comes and it is the shepherds job to protect his sheep. Did this always happen, no. Was it intentional, for some maybe yes, but for most no. (I am speaking of the cover up here) The shepherd, at great risk to his own life, protects the life of his sheep.

Pray for the Pope, pray for your bishops, pray for your pastors and other church leaders. Trust me we all need it. The wolf is always at the door. Sometimes the attack comes from within. A good friend of mine just went through a rather nasty period in his ministry and he said, you know sometimes the Devil is in the Choir! How true is that!

Your Holiness, if you read my blog (what? it is possible) then know that I am praying for you.

” Blessed are they that are persecuted for righteousness sake: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.”


  1. Now although I am not a religious leader I have found in my own life every time I try to get closer to God The evil one tries to get closer to me and stirs up all sorts of trouble in my life.
    I guess you know your on the right track when you feel under attack in your personal life.linda

  2. Very often, people and yes even priests, forget that there is only one judge. So often we think we have the answers. But do we know the entire truth, that which remains hidden, and undisclosed. God knows the hearts of His people.

  3. Pete,

    I think what you said is fair given what we know and really don't know about what's going on. My feeling is the Pope is getting a bad rap on the Milwaukee deal. The cases of abuse were decades old by the time he would have even heard about them because the Archbishops of Milwaukee didn't do anything until the guy was old and dying. If anybody should be getting smacked around for that one it should be Weakland but he won't because he's a darling of the liberal media elite. Weakland is the real problem in Milwaukee. As for Germany, until we know for sure what B16 knew or didn't it would be hard to pass judgment. Your post though was a good one in that it wasn't an attack piece but more of a "hmmm, let's think about this" piece.

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