Threats on Congress

Why is it that people cannot act like adults? We have a system in this country of how things get done and for the last 225 plus years the system has worked pretty good. Is it perfect? Hardly, but it is better than the alternative.

Yesterday I wrote about the Vice Presidents use of the “F” word during a bill signing and today I am commenting on threats received by members of Congress. Now i have heard that members of Congress are subject to threats of one sort or another all the time. In fact if you send a letter to your Congressman or Senator it first goes through a screening process for bombs and chemicals. But I think things have gone to a new level.

I like a spirited debate as well as the next guy but we can go to far. Right after the bill passed, one of the people I follow on Facebook started calling Rep. Stupak a traitor. That is almost as bad as calling Pres. Obama a Nazi. A traitor? I think that is a bit much to call someone who has given his life to public service a traitor. Okay he did not do what you wanted him to do, but he did get an Executive Order signed by the most Pro-Choice President we have ever had I think that is something.

As I have written before, demonstrations are fine in fact, if you recall, I participated in the first Tea Party gathering in Worcester last year. It was great, sort of a party atmosphere. Then I wrote about my severing ties with the group when they started with the Nazi references and using the hammer and sickle in their posters. That is not necessary and just brings on hate.

A few months ago, an Orthodox priest in Florida was beaten with a tire iron because the man thought he was a Muslim. Some how it was okay to beat another human being with a tire iron just because he is or is perceived to be, a Muslim! We have made people fear Muslims and this is how they react. Now we have death threats on Congressman!

The other day someone posted on Facebook that we need term limits and a revolution in this country. Well we do have term limits, we call them elections. Why is it we need a law to do something we are not capable of doing ourselves. You want your Congressman out, great, work for the person running against them, given them money, hold a sign, make phone calls. If you are not willing to do that then please just sit down. We do not need yet another regulation.

This year we will have one of the largest turn overs in years. Many of the members of Congress will be retiring this year. Step up to the plate and get involved. Don’t want to run for Congress? Run for local office, make a change at the local level.

Keep on demonstrating, keep holding their feet to the fire, but let’s be civil about it. That’s all I am asking.

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  1. threats on anyone is never right,unfortunitly there are people out there who think violence is ok.
    When the media keeps talking about the same things over and over people get more and more angry and a few people try to solve things with violence.
    No group,tea party,or any other can be blamed because you don't know in a group of protesters where these crazies are from.
    In this country we have many violent groups like klans men,nazis and other distorted groups who would use any excuse to fan the fires of all kinds of "isms".linda

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