Bullied to Death

Last Thursday on the Dr. Phil Show, Dr. Phil McGraw focused on school bullying and how we can deal with it. We were all shocked by the recent suicide of Phoebe Prince from South Hadley, Massachusetts. The Great and General Court of Massachusetts has reacted by passing the anti bullying act that puts strict requirements on Parents, Teachers, and Administrators and levies some pretty hefty sentences on all of the above, including the bullier if they get caught.

Now let me say that some level of bullying is part of growing up. Kids will be kids, but it can get out of hand. One of the discussion points during the show was how to deal with the bully. You need to stand up to the bully yes, but they also should be reported.

Sometimes I think we legislate responsibility away from the place where it needs to be. First bully have parents, and those parents needs to teach that bullying is wrong, and I also believe that if your kid bullies someone, and in the case of Phoebe, bullies them to death, then not only should the kid be sent away to make small rocks from big one, but you should as well. Parents, you have a responsibility to raise your children to be productive members of society and they need to learn that their actions have consequences.

We all like to laugh at people and adults can be just as bad, and now we have seen the consequences of such actions. Kids have a difficult enough time just being kids and all of the pressure we put on them and they put on themselves. Several years ago two kids shot up their high school because their were picked on, and the stories are legion. My point is we cannot legislate good parenting.

I have heard stories of little league teams where no one looses because it is bad for the kids to loose. Well you know what, people loose and they loose everyday. It is how we deal with that loss that makes us who we are. Success is standing on the top of a pile of failures. We need to teach our kids right and wrong and that there are consequences for their actions. Parents you need to be parents and not friends, they have enough friends they need parents.

Dr. Phil has put some resources on his site and I recommend them to you. Watch your kids, talk to them, be involved in their life. They might hate you now but they will love you for it latter.

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  1. Children need to be taught that hurting others to make your self important is wrong.Parents never can admitt that "their child would do anything wrong and how dear you pick on them"is the wrong attitude.All children do things wrong and need to be corrected.
    When children are in kidnergarden they need to be taught that making fun of other people is wrong.
    To bad so many people are turning away from the church because this is the price their children pay for not learning empathy for others.linda

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