One thing for sure, the Orthodox like their hats. We wear them for all sorts of occasions including Liturgy. We have special hats for special occasions and different ethnic groups have different styles of the same hat. You church geeks out there like me will love this!

The picture below comes from the Armenian Church at a recent ordination. I kind of like the hats the guys being ordained are wearing but check out the mitre on the bishop. Way Cool!


  1. From a classic Seinfeld episode:

    Latvian Priest: Is there one aspect of the faith that you find particularly attractive?

    George Costanza: I think the hats. The hat convey that solemn religious look you want in a faith. Very pious.

  2. When I was a Catholic my husband,who is Orthodox,used to always tell me how bad it was that the Catholic Church was so rich and how the churches were so opulent and the clothing so regal.
    Since I have been orthodox I have noticed that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.
    Now when people make that remark to me I always say look at your own bishops and clergy befor you tear another religion down becuase we like our gold and silver too.linda

  3. As a bishop myself, while I love my Byzantine crown mitre, I wish I could wear some of the other mitres I have seen my brother bishops wear. And then there is the non-liturgical hats that some of my brothers get to wear.

  4. The Armenians have really good taste. They excel at detail both in carving (stone and wood) and in embroidery. The mitre in the photo is an excellent example.

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