One Word at a Time ~ Joy

Once again I am participating int he One Word at a Time Blog Carnival. The premise is simple, pick one word and write about it. This time around the word is ~ Joy.

Joy is one of those hard words to define. Is it an emotion or a state of mind. I often think of this word during the Divine Liturgy on Sunday. The Divine Liturgy of the Orthodox Church is supposed to life the worshiper, well any worship for that matter, is supposed to lift the worshiper up and give them a glimpse of what heaven is. Sometimes I ask myself if this is what heaven is Like I am not sure I want to go… LOL

Week after week folks come and fill our pews, or not in some of the Orthodox Churches as they do not have pews, and basically sit there like someone has killed their dog. Where is the joy? During this season of Easter we sing Christ is Risen, but some times it sounds more like we are taking Christ to the tomb. Sometimes I wish I had one of those cattle prods to get people going. Of course I write this with much humor in mind, so find some joy and lighten up.

What brings you joy? What makes us smile, or laugh? In times like these it is often hard to find joy. Maybe you have lost your job or your retirement funds took a hit and we have to work another year before we can retire. All of these things do not lend themselves to joy. Joy like love is more than a simple emotion I believe it is a state of mind. We can find joy in any situation.

The other night I was having a discussion about death. The person I was talking with did not want to talk about it but I pushed on anyway. She feared death and was not looking forward to it. I said as Christians this is what we are supposed to be looking for as we, I hope anyway, will be with God. Joy in death? Yes indeed joy in death.

Let us resolve to make joy part of our very existence. Smile daily, it take less energy to smile than it does to frown. Look people in the eye and the street and smile at them and say good morning, it just might bring joy to their life and I know it will bring joy to yours.


  1. To many people confuse happiness with joy.Happiness is momentary and fleeting,felt by the heart but joy is spiritualy uplifting it is felt in the soul,it is light heartedness which emulates through your whole being.
    Being a christian does not mean being in mourning.
    Jesus,from what I can see,was a happy person.He did not sit around and lament.pouring ash over his head and wearing sack cloth.He encouraged everyone around him to love and care for each other and be happy!!
    If religion makes you depressed then you need to rethink your current ideas of who Jesus was and why God put you here. God brings joy its the other guy who tries to take it away.

  2. It isn't always easy to feel or find joy in these difficult times. Many of us end up just going through the motions and not really enjoying anything.

    Thanks for the reminder… smile daily. 🙂

  3. I agree that joy is not simply an emotion. It is more of a choice. May God bless you with joy as you seek and serve Him.

  4. In our culture, the ups and downs are so intense and flip-flop instantly. It's hard, sometimes, to remember where the only true joy can come from. Re: heaven… my husband and I sit and talk about how excited we are about the time when we will be there — how we'll miss the other one, but not be at all sorry. And my husband was only 25 when I met him, and was already focused on heaven — I diverted that for now, a bit. Thanks.

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