General McChrystal

Unless you live under a rock you know that the top US General in Afghanistan, General Stanley A. McChrystal, is going to meet with the President today to explain himself. I cannot help but think of the line from I Love Lucy, Ricky would come home and find that Lucy has gotten herself into another mess and would say, “Lucy, you got some splanin to do!”

Before you comment, you need to read the article in Rolling Stone. It is long and peppered with the “f” word but this is the military and it is Rolling Stone not the Wall Street Journal.

When I first heard this story I thought, this guy needs to go. Then I thought more about it, and more about it, and I have now come to the conclusion that he made a mistake and a bad choice of words but should he be fired for it, no. It is being compared to Truman V MacArthur during the Korean Conflict. This situation was completely different.

Gen. MacArthur was relived of command for failure to follow the orders of the President. One of those I believe was to not speak with the press. Orders are orders and all of the folks in the military need to obey them no matter what your rank.

That is not the case in this situation. Again, read the article before you comment. He speaks frankly about the President, who I have heard him say he voted for, and the Vice President. He speaks about personal meetings they had when he said Obama looked “uncomfortable” in the room with all the brass. I am sure many would in the same situation. He did not do anything against policy or disobey any orders. He did not make his boss look great, but is that a crime, no. Was it a mistake, yes.

Deacon Michael Hyatt has some interesting observations on this issue on his wonderful blog. Deacon Michael is the President and CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishing and writes on leadership topics.

Should he resign, no. Should he be fired, no. Should he have a stern taking too, yes. Then get back to work and wrap this thing up. This war has been dragging on long enough, let’s get down to business and get it over with and bring everyone home.

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  1. I am very impressed with Abraham Lincoln.When told that Gen.Grant was an alcoholic he said something on the lines of "The man wins battles and if I could I would give all my generals alcohol if it made them also win battles".
    Lincoln had a sense of humor and understood it was all about the war not all about the president.
    This president thinks its all about him and his pride.linda

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