Setting the Record Straight

This is another political commentary.

Southbridge is being held captive by five town counselors who cannot seem to find their way to the Town Council chambers for a meeting. Meetings are normally held on Monday nights but this past Monday, for the first time in the Towns history they did not have a quorum to conduct the business of the Town. So the meeting was called for Thursday, again they did not show, however they were at a private meet and greet and the community center in town but were not about the business of the people. So the meeting was rescheduled for Friday night. One again the 5 amigos were not there. Just so there is no confusion I will post two videos below that I believe sets the record straight. Some call it grandstanding on the part of the council chairman but I call it very informative.

In the first video you can hear a woman speaking from the back but you cannot see her. The chair tries to silence her but she continues. In the second video you can see what is going on. Now to set the record straight even more, she is the wife of a candidate for town council as well as the cousin of one of the 5 amigos, can anyone say conflict of interest? Some are trying to set the record straight but it is funny how things look very different depending on what side of the issue you are on.

Southbridge votes on Tuesday and normally I would not take up space on this blog with this kind of topic but I feel that this is important news to get out. Two of the 5 amigos are running for reelection, please remember that. If this is the kind of government you want, vote them back in, if not, make a change.




  1. Father Peter, as usual, you are right on.

    You have been critical of me and some of the things I've said, but I respect your right to say it, as well as the other people who don't agree.

    That's Freedom of Speech.

    But started a problem and blaming others is reprehensible, and you have done a great service to the community in writing this.

    First, because it's not me, it won't be suspect, and secondly, because the only grandstaning if from the missing five.

    There's not enough Ibuprofen for all of their migraines.

    Nice work as always, and thank you.

  2. don't you just love small town politics.
    This would be funny if it were not for the fact that these people probably get paid.
    Time to vote them out ..linda

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