MCFL State PAC Endorses Tim Cahill for Governor

Boston- Madeline McComish, Chairman of MCFL State Political Action Committee, today announced that the MCFL State PAC has endorsed State Treasurer, Tim Cahill, for Governor in the November election.

Tim Cahill will be an outstanding advocate for the unborn, the disabled, and the elderly. He will bring commonsense solutions to protecting their rights and their lives. Cahill holds pro-life positions on all aspects of the issue, from abortion funding to informed consent, to partial birth abortion and parental consent. Very important also is his opposition to Physician Assisted Suicide which is currently being proposed in the state legislature, according to McComish.

She added, Currently pro-life people across the state are collecting signatures to repeal Obamacare. They welcome Tim Cahills pledge to opt out of the abortion funding in Obamacare. People remember that Cahill was the first to point out that Romneycare in Massachusetts will go bankrupt in four years, thus subjecting everyone in the state to rationing and denial of care. The other gubernatorial candidates have publicly stated their support for the pro-choiceposition. In other words, they support abortion and take anti-life positions on the other life issues.”

MCFL State PAC is in the process of contacting pro-life people across the state and will mobilize more than 100,000 activists in Massachusetts in support of Cahill.

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