Support Orthodox Misisons

There are now 15 Orthodox Christians from North America who are dedicating two or more years of their lives to provide a living witness to the hope, love, and salvation of Christ with the world as OCMC missionaries. A beautiful way to support these faithful servants as they share the Orthodox faith with the world is to… remember them in your prayers:

ALBANIAAnastasia Pamela Barksdale; Georgia Gilman Bendo; Nathan & Gabriela Hoppe; Melanie Linderman; George & Pauline Russell

ROMANIAFloyd & Ancuta Frantz; Christina Semon

TANZANIAJames Hargrave; Michael Pagedas; Charita Stavrou; Felice Stewart; Katherine Wilcoxson

Please also consider making a gift to the Mission Center in support of the missionary program by logging onto, or by mailing a check payable to the OCMC with “missionaries” in the memo line to 220 Mason Manatee Way, St. Augustine, FL, 32086. Your donation will ensure that these missionaries receive the training, administrative support, and ministry funding that they need to continue the work of “making disciples of all nations” (Matthew 28:19).

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