For as long as I can remember my father has been hard of hearing.  Over the last few years it has progressively gotten worse.  Without his hearing aid he is completely deaf.  I cannot imagine how frustrating that must be.  I know how frustrating it is on this side, but on the other side it must be just out of control.
A few months ago he went to see a new hearing doctor who recommended a cochlear implant a little device implanted in your head that enables you to hear.  As I understand it, little wires are hooked up to the stuff in your ear that allows you to hear.  Sorry to get all technical on you.  There is a device that attached to your head by a magnet under your skin and a wire that is run to a small device that you wear either behind your ear like a hearing air, or on your belt.  The sound travels up the wire and to the implant.  Wa la, you hear.

So he had the device implanted a month ago and today he had it turned on.  For the first time in 30 years he was able to hear out of his right ear.  It is very low and dim at the moment but over the next few months is should get clearer and he will have some of his hearing back.  It is not perfect but any hearing is better than not hearing.

So I find technology an amazing thing.  Imagine being able to hear after 30 years!

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  1. good for him. allot of people would be to afraid to even consider such a thing.
    Hard to believe how far medicine has come in less then one hundred years.linda

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