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I have to admit I love politics.  I love the process, sometimes I like the outcome and sometimes I don’t but that is the way it works here in America.  Bunch of people run, some win and some loose and then you have to make it work.

Yesterday, here in Massachusetts, we had the primary election.  Nothing big on the ballot and by that I mean the top of the ticket was unopposed on all of the ballots.  I am unenrolled so I get to choose, I actually think I should get to take all the ballots but I also don’t want to go to prison!  There was a libertarian ballot but no one was on it.  I guess you have to print it but it does seem like a waste to me.

So the results came in and I do not think anyone was surprised here in Massachusetts anyway.  I understand there was a big upset in Delaware and the “Tea Party” Republican won.  I have to admit I am fascinated by the Tea Party Folks.  I think we are starting to see the development of a third party that might actually have some power.  I don’t always agree but then again I do not 100% agree with any of the parties.

There are two things that I would like to see over the next 7 weeks.  The first is, if a candidate is on the ballot then they should be treated as a candidate by all involved and not left out because of some other requirement.  Let me explain.  Last night, there was a debate between some of the candidates for governor here in Massachusetts.  I say some because we have four names on the ballot but because of regulations placed on candidates by the radio station that sponsored the debate, the Green Party candidate was left off.  Well I feel that is censorship.  Like it or not she will be on the ballot on November 2nd.  Will she win, I doubt it, but neither will the independent candidate that is on the ballot.  Let’s here from all of the candidates.

The second thing is, don’t vote based on what other people say about the candidates.  Do your own research, read what they have written, watch debates, and ask questions.  Do not go by what someone else will tell you because they will be biased for or against but they will be biased.  Make up your own mind based on your own research.  Take the time, and be prepared.

So the primary season is no over and the race to the end will no begin.  Some candidates are saying it is time to take the country back.  Well I am not sure who has it or who we need to take it back from but 2 years ago the majority of We the People who voted voted a certain way, if a majority of We the People vote a different way this year then so be it.  Our country is not perfect, but it will only win if we find a way to work together.

This morning I posted on my facebook page that I would like all the candidates to tell me what they will do to make things better, tell me what you will for the economy, jobs, the poor, the rich whatever it is.  Let the other guy tell me what he will do.  When we get into the he said she said thing then it boils down to the lesser of 2 evils.  I want you to convince me to vote for you based on what you stand for, you as a person, what is your political philosophy, what is your vision of America.  Tell me about you not about the other guy.  You know, you don’t even have to mention their name because I already know who you are running against.  Just tell me about you.

Good luck to all the candidates.  All of you, those who won and those who lost, is what makes America great.  You put yourself out there, raised money, had debates, and did what you thought was right.  I believe that all of the candidates, and those in office, are doing what they think is best and how can we say that is wrong.  We may not agree, but your vision is your vision.  Lets see how well you do selling it.  Then the hard work beings, governing that’s where the rubber meets the road.

Thank you for your service, all of you!  You are all great Americans and in my book you are all Patriots!

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  1. don't count out third party or independents we in conn.had one govenor who was an independant and Joe liberman our present senator who ran and won on the independent ticket,after he got thrown under the bus by the democrates.linda

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