All Hallows Eve

I was going to try and write a post about Halloween but my good friend Huw has already done it.  Each year I get questions about Halloween from an Orthodox perspective.  I think, like everything else, what does it mean to you?  Can you send your kids out and go trick or treating dressed up and not sink into so pagan worship?  If you can then go for it.  Intention has everything to do with everything.  What is the intention behind what we do?  This does not mean the ends justify the means, but what are we intending to do. 

All I ask is that you make sure your kids are safe.  Have fun and enjoy being a kid with your kids for one night.  Dress up funny and go out and knock on your neighbours doors.

Read what Huw has written.

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  1. Halloween can be a fun time if you keep your kids centered with cute and funny costums and stay away from the gross and goolish type stuff.
    Make the costums age appropriate.
    When my son was little and I worked on halloween day,I would dress up in costum then when I got home we would take my son and niece out to trick or treat and they would beg me to stay in costum while I was with them.
    now those were fun times.

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