Yesterday I wrote a post about the Orthodox Church position on homosexuality. This post was inspired in part by the deaths of kids because of the fact that they are gay. I took some heat for not condemning the bullying but that was not part of the post just the inspiration behind it.
Bullying is wrong not matter what the reason is. Plain and simple bullying is hate and hate is a sin plain and simple. Bullying comes from pride, as all sin does, pride that we know better than the person we are bullying. We bully, most of the time, not to put the other person down, but to make our own weak self feel better.
Recently there have been several cases of kids being bullied because they are gay. Many of these cases have led to the death of the person being bullied by their own hand. I do not consider these death suicides but murder. These kids were murdered by the ones who did the bullying.
This past week it came to light that an Assistant District Attorney has been cyber bullying someone who is know to be gay. This DA has set up a website and stalks the person on the internet. He claims free speech and claims that he is doing it on his own time so it is protected speech. As I have said may times before on these very pages, freedom of speech comes with a moral responsibility that we use that speech for appropriate means. Stalking and bullying are wrong.
Jesus teaches in the Gospels that we must love everyone. We must love our neighbor as ourselves. I firmly believe that we will be judged more by how we have or have not treated each other then we will for any other reason. How we treat our neighbor, who is everyone by the way, directly reflects how we think about ourselves as people. The entire Gospel message is about love, all of Christian Doctrine and Dogma can be boiled down to love, love of God and love of neighbor.
Bullying is hate and hate is not and energy that comes from God. Hate is an energy that comes from the evil one and we Christians should have no part in anything the evil has to offer. God = Love plain and simple.
Time for people to stand up against the bullies and say no more. I don’t care what the reason is the bullying is taking place, it is never and will never be right or Christian.

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  1. If you love them, does that mean you would also afford them equal rights under the law? (Secular law, to be specific)

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