Does God Care Who Gets Elected?

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This is a question I have been chewing on for a long time.  Does God really care who wins an election?  My feeling is He does not care.  God is not about the salvation of an entire nation, but of individual salvation.  The other part of this would be that if God does care, and the other guys wins, does He withhold blessings from the people who voted for that guy or the nation as a whole, again I would say no.  God, my God anyway, is not a God of retribution.  Some tried this with the earthquake in Haiti and the Hurricane in New Orleans.

God is concerned how YOU live and how YOU treat your neighbor.  The bottom line is God is concerned about YOU, not the government of any country.  If God cared don’t you think His guy would always win?

Here is my thinking on all of this.  In Scripture, especially the New Testament, God’s relationship is personal.  Jesus did not come to earth and run for King of the Jews.  He was called that yes, but Jesus did not come to free us from the bondage we have here on earth, Jesus came to free us from the bondage of sin. 

He asks us to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, visit the sick and those in prison, these are things that we are to do as individuals not as the government.  I have written about how I feel that the church needs to give the government out of business and we the church need to take on these responsibilities, we need to care for our neighbor, that’s what we are required to do.

So the bottom line is I do not believe that God cares who gets elected.  I think He cares about how you live your life and how you care for others.  He cares about Justice and truth and peace, all things that we need in our own lives.

God sent his only Son to save sinners not governments.

How are you caring for your neighbor?


  1. Hmmm, how do you deal with the exceedingly clear message of the Hebrew Bible that is about God first creating and then leading "the people"? I find the scriptural message to be very much communal while also personal. I like the way Jim Wallis puts it, "Faith is personal but not private."

  2. what comes to my mind is render onto ceasar that which is ceasar and onto God that which is God.
    So I guess if you follow that principle he is not concerned about elecrtions.
    besides we are all his children and none of his children are given special favor,were all equal in his eyes.

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