Lazarus Come Forth

Mario Sepulveda leads a cheer for Chile after being lifted from the mine early Wednesday.
Sepulveda was the second miner to be rescued.
Photo from the Government of Chile
Unless you have been under a rock the last 2 months you have heard the story of the miners trapped in Chile.  Well in the early hours of this morning they started to be freed from their subterranean home.  One by one the miners are coming out of a little hole in the ground and greeted by cheers and hugs form their families.  I have to admit I have been up most of the night watching.  And I will also admit a tear came to my eye when the first one came out!  It is truly amazing.

It bring to mind all of those people who do jobs that most of us would never consider doing.  Years ago a show began on the Discovery Network called Deadliest Catch.  If you have not seen the program it is about crab fishermen in Alaska, this is considered the deadliest job on earth.  Followed by Ice Road Truckers on the History Channel.  These men and women have jobs that keep the world moving but we would never do.  We like to watch them do it, but would not want to do it ourselves.  Men and women put themselves in harms way everyday at their particular place of employment.  We need to remember these folks.

So for the last 60 plus days 33 miners have been underground in some of the worse conditions we can imagine.  To be rescued they stand in a small tube that is pulled up through a hole in the ground that really is no bigger then they are.  It’s a 20 minute ride from the bottom to the top.  They will have to wear sun glasses for a few days to get used to the sun and will be taken to hospital to be checked out.  Most of them have already said they will return to the mine.  That is dedication to their job!  As I write this number 11 has just been rescued.

One of the truly amazing stories I heard during this whole ordeal was the fight they were having over the order that they would be rescued.  They were not fighting over who would go first, but they were fighting over who would go last!  Amazing!

God bless all those men and women who put themselves in harms way each and everyday to make our lives a little bit easier.  God bless the men who are being rescued and God bless those who did not make it out alive.


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