Preachers Institute and Academy of Preachers enter National Partnership

The Preachers Institute, the world’s premier Orthodox Christian homiletics resource, has become a national partner with the Academy of Preachers.
The Academy of Preachers is an ecumenical initiative launched through a generous grant from the Lilly Endowment and energized by the conviction that Gospel preaching is a vocation of public and social significance, a calling worthy of the very best and brightest young people.
“In our mission to promote and advance superior preaching in the Orthodox Church, we are very happy to make this partnership with the Academy. We are very hopeful that this will provide an opportunity for more Orthodox youth and young adults to hone their preaching skills with confidence, and ignite their desire to spread the Gospel,” said Fr. John A. Peck, director of the Preachers Institute.
Both groups are driven by a strong conviction that Gospel preaching is a vocation of enormous social significance.
“Our mission is to identify, network, support and inspire young people in their call to gospel preaching. You are the first Orthodox entity to become a partner; I hope not the last. I am eager for you to come to Louisville with your Orthodox preachers.”
said Dwight A. Moody, founder and president of the Academy of Preachers.
Last year, the Academy of Preachers hosted the first ever festival of young preachers. 92 young preachers from 41 institutions in 21 states came to Louisville, KY and preached about Jesus. Included in the gathering were Catholic, Evangelical, Pentecostal, and Protestant preachers. It may be the most ecumenical initiative in American Christianity today. There was one Orthodox participant.
“We had one last year but we need more. We do not critique the theology, preaching style, or denominational loyalties of any young preacher. We do not deal with ordination or liturgical issues. We simply require that a young preacher have a sponsoring congregation or institution and be accompanied by a preaching mentor,” said Moody.
The most powerful element of the Festival of Young Preachers and the Summer Preaching Camps is the peer inspiration that creates webs of friendships and partnerships.
“This partnership will benefit both Orthodox preachers and heterodox preachers, as we learn more helping, and being helped by, each other,” said Peck.
“We need your influence. God bless you. We will make wonderful partners,” said Moody.
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Those interested in becoming Young Preachers, or in supporting the participation of young Orthodox men and women in the Festival of Preachers should contact Fr. John A. Peck at frjohn (at)
To request a registration packet for the 2011 National Festival of Young Preachers, Click Here.
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