Turkey Shoot

Last night we had one of the best events of the church year outside of Liturgy of course.  For the last 40+ years we have held the Annual Turkey Shoot in our Parish Hall.  The night begins with a spaghetti supper served all you can eat style and then the real fun begins.

So here is the way it works.  We have a big wheel, a new wheel this year, thanks to Nicky and Sue.  The wheel has 90 numbers on it.  So we sell 90 tickets at $.50 each.  Then with every one whooping and hollering we spin the wheel and the lucky person wins a turkey!  Not bad for $.50 I would say.  So we gave away 26 turkeys, 3 fruit baskets, 1 50/50, and a large box of food worth about $100.  There is also a door prize.  You write your name on the back of your loosing tickets and throw them in a bag and one is drawn out and BINGO you win a turkey.  The best part of the night is that the folks from the church, who always seem to win multiple turkeys, give them to people who did not win one.  A very Christian thing to do!  I am so proud of my parishioners!

This event is great and brings people from the community to our church.  Anything that brings people to the church is worth doing I say regardless of how much money is raised.  We need to raise money yes, but the people we invite into our house always have a good time, and that is very important.

So I need to say thanks to Jim D and his great kitchen crew for the meal, and to Tom D and his crew for running the turkey shoot.  I would name you all but I would leave someone out and you all know who you are.  You guys are what makes St. Michael a great community.  I do not say it enough but you guys are the greatest!  Thanks also to all of you who came, without you we would just be standing around all night…  LOL

Stay tuned for the Annual Ham Shoot in the Spring.

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