21 November ~ Entrance of the Theotokos into the Temple

Today let us the crowds of the assembled faithful

celebrate a spiritual feast:
let us reverently praise the Virgin Theotokos and child of God,
as she is brought into the Temple of the Lord!
She was forechosen from all generations
to be the dwelling-place of Christ, the Lord and God of all.
O Virgins, bearing lamps, go before her,
honoring the majestic progress of the ever-Virgin!
Mothers, lay aside every sorrow and accompany them with joy,
singing the praises of her who became the Mother of God,
the cause of joy for the world!
Therefore, let us all join with the Angel,
and joyfully cry out: “Rejoice!” to her who is full of grace,
and who ever intercedes for our souls.
for the Feast of the Entrance, by Sergius of Jerusalem
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