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Last night we held our monthly Community Meal here at the Church.  Each month we offer a meal to people in the Community from all walks of life.  We have been doing this now for a little over a year and last night was the Annual Turkey Dinner.  The week before Thanksgiving we offer this meal and lats night was the night.

The day began me putting 4 birds in the oven.  It’s funny how people think you do a lot of work but it really is the oven that does all the work.  We also had stuffing, smashed potatoes and mixed veg.  Dessert was an assortment of pies.  I believe we served somewhere around 70 to75 meals and in true for we had just enough food.  In all the months we have been doing this, we have never run out of food.  We have come close but never run out!  We were also able to provide loaves of bread, English Muffins, and other goodies that came from the local supermarket.  It amazes me that they would just throw all that stuff away but there is still life in it.

Although we provide this meal to those in need not only financial but physical and spiritual, I believe that our little church has been the biggest beneficiary of this meal.  It bring us together as community and it makes us feel good to be doing things for others.  I never get tired of hearing people say, that’s what Church is all about helping people.  I have written this before, and said it, it is not the governments job to help people it is our job, the church, the people of God, to help people.  We are to love everyone, and we try to do that here.

So a big thanks to all those who have helped out this past year.  By my calculations we have served almost 800 meals this past year.  Next year we will be expanding the program to twice a month and with God’s help we will be able to help many more people.

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  1. last year's turkey meal we were down to our last tablespoon of stuffing and several pieces of turkey when the last person walked in.
    As one person said we were down to multipling the fish and the loaves.
    we did better this year we actually had some plates left over for the works,but then its not about the servers..even though it did taste good..linda

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