Election Night ~ Open Thread

11:06pm ~ Looks like Dems will sweep all 10 Congressional Distrcits in Massachusetts.  Rep make some gaines in New England.

10:10 pm Ballot Questions

Question 1 Yes 51% No 49%
Question 2 Yes 41% No 59%
Question 3 Yes 43% No 57%

10:08 pm ~ WBUR is predicting Gov Patrick wins re-election

9:15 pm ~ CNN Projects Republicans will take control of the House of Representatives.  No big surprise there.

8:49 pm ~ With 4% reporting here is how it looks:
Patrick ~ 50%
Baker ~ 41%
Cahill ~ 7%
Stein ~ 2%

Ballot Questions
Question 1 Yes 52% No 48%
Question 2 Yes 52% No 48%
Question 3 Yes 52% No 48%

7:38 pm ~ I need to make one correction.  Garrett Quinn does not work for the Globe they just prommote his blog.

7:12 pm ~ Well it is finally here.  Polls are starting to close and at 7:12pm the Republicans have picked up one seat in the Senate.  Let’s see if this is the start of the wave.

I will be updating this post as the night goes on and results come in.  I will start with some predictions.  Feel free to add your own in the comments.

Garrett Quinn of the Boston Globe makes these predictions:


Governor: Patrick (D) but not by much
Treasurer: Polito (R)

Ballot Question:
Question 1: Pass
Question 2: Fail
Question 3: Fail (He makes an interesting observation that if the roll back had been to 5% rather than 3% it would have passed.  We shall see)

The race to watch is the 10th Congressional District where he is predicting Jeff Perry (R) will win.  This will be big for Republicans but the 10th is the most Conservative district in Massachusetts so I really will not be surprised.

Because of some moves he predicts that the Republicans will pick up some seats (10 – 12) in the Massachusetts House but will loose one in the Massachusetts Senate.

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  1. Technically, Garrett doesn't work for the Globe, they only promote his blog. I've had many a political conversation with him in the parking lot at Gillette before and after soccer matches. I'll leave it to your imagination how interesting those conversations have been.

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