Green-Rainbow Party Notes Progress in 2010 Election

The Green Rainbow Party congratulates Deval Patrick and all of the winners in yesterday’s election. We thank all candidates for offering their public service, especially the independent candidates for various offices who faced an uphill fight against financial disadvantages and media bias. We wish the Patrick administration and the legislators the best of luck in dealing with the issues facing the Commonwealth.
“It’s clear that the Green-Rainbow Party has a vital role to play in being the voice for some urgently needed solutions that are not going to be put on the table without us” said Michael Horan, Green-Rainbow Party Co-chair.
“The Green-Rainbow Party made some major advances in yesterday’s elections, and achieved most of its goals despite the fact that our long-shot campaigns fell short of dislodging the major party grip on elected offices.”
“Thanks to the splendid showing of Nat Fortune in the state auditor’s race, the Green-Rainbow Party is now classified as a major political party in Massachusetts. That frees us from the very restrictive law that limits a candidate’s financial support from our Party to $500. It also means that our party name will appear as a check-off option on every voter registration form – which is key to expanding our enrollment efforts.”
“Jill Stein set a new record for fundraising by a Green-Rainbow candidate. She doubled the size of our donor list – and that’s critical to future campaigns. We’ve put down roots in over eight communities by establishing new Green-Rainbow locals. We have dramatically increased the number of experienced Green campaign workers and professional staff. We made a lot of friends and won support from many very influential people who are fighting the good fight for jobs, the environment, and justice in Massachusetts.”
“And the Green-Rainbow strategy for running in legislative districts resulted in a very encouraging field test in our two House races. Mark Miller and Scott Laugenour took on two entrenched incumbents and ran superb races. Miller set a new record for GRP vote total in a House race – taking 45% of the vote. And he did this despite never having run for office before. These races set the stage for 2012 when we will bring increased experience and resources to bear.”
Party co-chair Nancy Lee Wood noted that “it seems clear that Deval Patrick’s victory in the governor’s race was due in large part to the fact that the people of Massachusetts perceived him as the more progressive alternative to Charlie Baker. But there is a fundamental deception at the core of that victory. We are going to see those progressive voters disappointed on almost every key issue over the next four years. The Green-Rainbow Party is going to be fully engaged in resisting the backsliding and fighting for the future for ourselves, our children, and our planet.”
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