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A very devout Orthodox person left a comment on the posting about the priest being dismissed by +Philip.  The picture on the header of this blog is an old one and I do need to have it replaced, but I have had other things to do.  Just so he will not have to disrespect me any longer and say I look ridiculous, I have posted a rather new picture of me below.  This one is from July and taken at our Romanian Orthodox Cathedral in Chicago.  I find it very interesting that people who talk about how we need to abide by the canons of the church like to ignore some of them themselves like the one about respect for the clergy.  I don’t take it personal none of us are perfect, although some of us think we are.

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  1. no matter how much good you do or how much success you have there is always someone out to make a big deal out of nothing.
    Congratulations on all you've done in the years you have been leader of our church,a picture means nothing your efforts mean every thing.
    God bless you for who you are and all your efforts.

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