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I was going to write this during the election and then I got so frustrated with politics that I changed my mind.  Now that we are past it all I thought about it again and I will share some thoughts.
What has happened to personal responsibility?  Remember the woman who sued McDonald’s after being burned with “Hot” coffee?  Now we have a caution statement on the cup.  If you kid fails a class in school we sue the school.  We like to blame the court system and lawyers for this but I blame us!  It is hard to find a person who is willing to take personal responsibility for their actions it is always someone else fault.
Back to politics.  President Obama has said many times that it is the fault of the previous administration that we find ourselves in this position.  Republicans blame Democrats and vice versa no on is above the frey on this one.  Maybe it was the fault of the previous administration, but at 12:01pm on January 20th it became your problem.  The Buck stops with you Mr. President and no one else.  Republicans have taken control of the House of Representative, great don’t blame, do!  “We the People” are in this together.  We were there when things were good, and we were there when things have gone bad.  Stop the blame and get the job done.
During the campaign politicians would blame the other guy, it’s his fault, he did this, he did not do that.  I have a crazy idea for campaigns in the future.  You are not allowed to mention the guy your are running against!  Tell me what you are going to do to fix the problem, don’t tell me what the other guy is not going to do, let him tell me that.
In another time and in another life people used to admit when they made a mistake, they took their lumps, and they moved on.  I think of Richard Nixon.  Okay it took some time to get him to admit what he did, but he maned up, took the bullet and resigned.  Fast forward to Bill Clinton.  Now we can argue about what he did but for now run with me on this.  He had sex outside of marriage, okay bad, sinful, but not earth shattering it happens all the time.  This is not to excuse the behavior just to illustrate a point.  Rather then saying, yup I did it, he says, “it depends on what your definition of is, is”  WHAT?  Man up and take your lumps.  She did not seduce you unless you were willing to be seduced, it take two to tango regardless of the fact you say you did not have sex with her, she was having sex with you!
I believe personal responsibility is a virtue and is something that we need to strive for.  Admitting we have made a mistake is a difficult thing for people to do but we need to get back to taking responsibility.  The only one responsible for your actions is YOU!  We need to hold people accountable for their actions and we need to hold ourselves accountable for our actions.  We are responsible and no one else.  Man up and take responsibility.



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  1. good post…to many people are to cowardly to take on responsiblity and be responsible.
    Yes no one likes to be wrong and it is easier to find an excuse but most of the time admitting what you have done is really not has hard as most people think, and you gain respect for your honesty.
    Has far as the president goes,he knew what he was getting into he did serve in the he knew what mess we were in.
    A real leader finds a bad situation and makes it better.not by blaming others but by taking positive actions and not being afraid to experiment.

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