Southbridge has lost a Great One

Politics is funny business, one day you are a hero and the next your a bum.  It is hard to stay above the frey sometimes but there was one man in Southbridge that told it like it is.  You always knew where you stood with him, and he was brutally honest.  He may not have always agreed with you but he respected what you had to say and he listened.  We could all learn something from him.

Last night new arrived that the Vice-Chairman of the Southbridge Town Council Laurent McDonald lost his battle with cancer.  This is a terrible loss to his family, most of whom I know, and a big loss to the Southbridge Community.

To give you and example of the dedication of this man he lied about his age and joined the Marine Corps at the tender age of 16.  I cannot imagine what that was like.  Don’t forget there was a war going on at the time!  Returning home he served his community as a fire fighter and then served on the Town Council.  This is what made his generation the GREAT generation.

To his family I express my sorry at your loss and thank you for sharing your Father and Husband with us, I feel that we are all better people for having know him.

Grant eternal repose in blessed sleep, O Lord, to the soul of your servant who has fallen asleep and make his memory eternal!

Semper Fi!

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