Another Leak in Southbridge

A few weeks ago, on this blog, I wrote about the leak of Executive Session minutes and I called for all parties involved to do the right thing and come clean.  I cited several ethics sections of the Laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts as well as the oath that all elected officials take.

The investigation was concluded and a confidential report was given to the Town by the Worcester District Attorneys office.  This morning I was emailed a copy of this report.  The email came from the email address and contained only a pdf copy of the report clearly marked confidential.

As an elected and appointed official in the Town of Southbridge, and as the ethical person I like to think I am I reported this matter to the Town Manager and Vice Chair of the Town Council by email this morning.  on advice of legal counsel I will also be notifying the Chief of the Southbridge Police first thing tomorrow (Monday) to report that I am in possession of this report.

I will confess that I read the report and I will keep the email and attachment in my email program as evidence.  I will also state for the record that I do not know the identity of Sir Leakalot nor the identity of anyone else that this email was sent to.

I find this entire matter distasteful and something needs to be done about this.  This is now the second time this has happened.  I would suggest that anyone else who was emailed a copy of this report to report it to the Town Manager and Police Department.  I will also state for the record that I have not forwarded this information to anyone.

Sir Leakalot, if you read these pages I would like to be left out of this type of activity in the future.  I am not sure what you are trying to do but I do not want to be part of it.  I feel this in unethical and my personal and political ethics do not allow me to participate in this type of behavior.

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