Republican House

So today at 12pm the new Congressional Session will begin and this time around the Republicans will be in control of the House.  Good for them they did a good job getting their message of lowering taxes and cutting the deficit to the people.  They also promised job creation.
The question I have is why is it that the first bill out of the shoot will be repeal of the Health Care Bill that went into effect on Saturday?  They have to know that it will never pass the Senate and the President will never sign it, so this is only for show.  The bill is 2 pages long, with another 2 page addendum.
One of the complaints on passage of the law was that there was not enough time to read the bill and debate it.  Well reading should not be a problem with this bill but they are allowing no debate, they will just bring it to the floor for a vote, and that is it.  Sounds just like what they were complaining about not that long ago.
But the larger question for the party that promised no increase in the deficit and that all bill would also include a way to pay for them is how do they plan to cover the 143 billion that will be added to the deficit by the repeal of this law?  That’s right, 143 billion over ten years.  That is the amount the Congressional Budget Office, a bi partisan office by the way, has estimated this bill will save our government over 10 years, so where will the cuts come from.  They promised no bill would be passed unless there was a clear plan to pay for it, but there is no plan to pay for it or replace it.  Makes one think, no.
I know this was a central piece of their election campaign and I am all about fulfilling promises, but I would think that one of the first bills out of the shoot would be to create jobs or something like that.  That seems to be the most important issue at the present time.
We shall see.  I am not impressed thus far with the Republican House, but only time will tell.  I agree this bill is not perfect, so lets reform the reform.  This is less about reform and all about showing they are now in power.  The party of “No” continues.
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