Should the US Intervene in Lybia?

Yesterday, whilst reading my monring blogs, I was listening to a radio program.  The topic of the drive time radio was Should the US Intervene in Lybia?  Many folks called in with all sorts of answers and reasons and most were well thought out and articulated.  That got me to thinking.  What did I think about this?

I believe that the Government of the United States needs to protect her citizens if they are in danger.  If her citizens are stuck in Lybia due to the unrest, then the government needs to do what it needs to do to make sure they are safe and if needed evacuate them.  However, that is as far as I think we should take it.

I understand all the arguments.  And yes there is extreme suffering there, but we cannot and should not intervene in this present conflict.  Civil War or Civil demonstrations whatever we want to call this, needs to be organic if it is going to really change things.  All of this going on in the Middle East reminds me of the events of the late 80’s early 90’s in Eastern Europe.  These things need to grow on their own and go in the direction they need to go in.  Should we support this?  Yes.  can we place pressure on the leaders?  Yes.  In fact we did that in Egypt.

So what say you?  What should we do?

Pray for the safety of those in Lybia and pray for peace!

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