Insulted Again

Well I guess you just cannot do a good job in this Town without meeting the scorn of the “let’s sit on the side lines and complain, but do nothing to make the Town better crowd.”  I think I will now join the Future of Southbridge Group!

This editorial cartoon appeared on the opinion page of the Southbridge “publish the news that is three days old” Evening “paper comes out at 8:00 am” News.

Yes I took this from Mr. Maketti’s website without his permission but he used my image without permission so if you would like to sue me go right a head and have at it.  I am fine with being used in this way, in fact I often complained about not being a subject of one of his cartoon, but he crossed the line when he made fun of my faith with has nothing to do with this issue at all.  I am offended as are some of my parishioners here at the Church.

Thank you Mr. Marketti and others for helping me to decide to resign my Town positions, the Town is all yours, good luck!

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  1. its always easier to attack people in an area that is considered off limits.
    example: religion,sex,race,body image,nationality and more..
    so much for fighting fair..

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