My Next Assignment to The Republic of Moldova

By Christina Semon (3/31/2011)
Following the completion of my first term in Romania, God has opened the door for me to serve next in The Republic of Moldova. My second term of missionary service will draw upon the experiences and skills I have acquired in the last two years of my life and ministry among the Romanians. Along with my co-workers and my future Moldovan ‘family’, Fr. Ioan and Preoteasa Michaela Cristea who will host me in their home in Leova, I look forward to entering a new culture, building new relationships, and sharing in this blessing to help build a parish youth program. As a team we will be helping to strengthen the spiritual foundation of the Church there.
Fr. Ioan expressed to me the need for help in establishing this ministry. We are now collaborating with him in this vital mission to raise up leaders who will assist in the organization and direction of this program for the Moldovan youth. Please consider joining with me on the front lines through increased prayer and financial support for the continuation of my missionary service in a land where our Orthodox brothers and sisters are calling for help, and the devastating effects of Communism are still greatly felt.
Thank you to those parishes across the United States that I have been honored to visit during the past two months as I prepared for my new assignment. I am strengthened by your love and encouragement, and will return to the mission field before Holy Week to begin life in Moldova. Please visit my webpage at to see photos taken on my journey and read more about my experience as an OCMC Missionary as they get posted.
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