Finding God in the Ordinary

Most everyone’s life is very ordinary. We rise in the morning, go about our business and the world does not pay us any attention at all outside of our circle of influence. Basically, our lives are very ordinary. We go day after day, week after week, month after month and year after year and for most of us our life does not change. I for one like that my life is usually the same. There is some comfort to be gained from the knowledge that today and tomorrow will be the same.
We have just completed the holiest week of the year and now we are faced with a long stretch of time that in some ecclesiastical circles is called ordinary time. The question is how does one find God in the everyday situations of life? How do we find God in the everyday things that we do, or can we? Is God present in everything or only in those things that we would traditionally call holy? As hard as it is to imagine we have to do just that.
In the Orthodox Church some priests will function as what is known as a Spiritual Father. This is a much deeper relationship than one would think of when they think of the western concept of spiritual direction. The Spiritual Father is in a very real sense a guide and a fellow traveler or, as the Celts called them, the Anamcara or Soul Friend. It is the ministry of the Soul Friend to guide the person along their spiritual path; they are never alone as the Soul Friend is always there. I have the privilege to serve as a Soul Friend to several people and to join them on their journey.

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