One Word at a Time: Road

How many roads have you traveled in your life?  I have been down more roads than I care to remember.  Last summer my family and I attended a family reunion in Tennessee as I am not a fan of flying I drove.  Well the road is long and in places boring, but I made it to the end and had a wonderful time.

What of those spiritual roads?  In our spiritual life we travel many roads, some long and some short.  Some have pavement and some have many rocks and hills.  Do we push through or do we stop and turn around?  The paved road is easy for us to travel on as there are no obstructions but the dirt or gravel road is not that easy.  The spiritual life is not an easy one but if we push through we can make it.

Since the start of the year I have been working a temporary secular job and I like the work but the time it takes away from the spiritual life is not something that I look forward to continue.  Since I started, my spiritual life has been on that paved road, just humming along but not getting better and I am certainly not being challenged in anyway, I have chosen the easy path and it is comfortable but we are not supposed to be comfortable.  Comfort brings stagnation and that is not good for the spiritual life of the Christian.

The narrow path is the path that leads where we Christians need to go.

What road are you on?


  1. "Comfort brings stagnation and that is not good for the spiritual life of the Christian."

    I so agree. I'm stepping out of my comfort zone this year by traveling out of the country for a short mission trip. I'm trusting the Lord for grace to provide.

  2. Blessings as you journey on…thanks for sharing your thoughts today. They have me thinking about the roads I've taken in life too, some easy some challenging. I would agree it is the lesser paved paths from which I've grown the most.

  3. The road less traveled may not be the road of comfort, but where He leads I must follow.

    So happy you made it to your gathering and that you enjoyed the fellowship of your family and friends.

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