June 6th ~ Tornado Recovery

Yesterday was an amazing day here in Southbridge!  We had an awesome Church service with many new faces in the congregation but the real joy what what happened after.

As you know if you read these pages, our area was hit with an EF 3 Tornado on Wednesday and the weekend was spent helping people put their lives back together.  St. Michael is a distribution site for supplies and yesterday the American Red Cross dropped off rakes, gloves, and tarps for us to give out to people in need.

But the truly amazing thing was the average folks that came in, one after another, with a can of this or a can of that.  We have tables full of food and drinks and other comfort supplies, someone brought 2 teddy bears along as well.  I am humbled by the generosity of so many.  I do not know why I am surprised but I am!

Yesterday during the sermon, we talked about what had happened this past week and how grateful we are that we all survived.  We prayed for those who lost their lives and for those who were affected.

This is what living the Gospel message is all about.  Jesus tells us to love our neighbors and that is just what we are doing.  We are putting our faith in action and reaching out to those in need and giving them a can of soup or a rake or just sitting and talking with people.

St. James tells us in his letter that faith without action is a dead faith, well I can say that the faith of the folks at St. Michael, and Southbridge, is alive and active.  I am so grateful to all who have come and helped.

We now move into the phase of recovery and that is the most difficult and the longest.  We will have this with us for years and we will need help into the future.  We will be here to help our neighbors not only here in Southbridge but in Sturbridge, Brimfield, Monson, and Springfield and all the other small towns hit by this.

Pray for us that we may truly be God witness in the midst of this disaster.

Looking to help?  Make a donation to IOCC and help the Tornado Relief

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