The Culture War

I have been involved in some pretty interesting conversations over the last few weeks that all involve our culture, or society, and where it is headed.  There seems to be a call for the Church to update itself to keep pace with our modern culture and I say that is a backward statement.  Culture does not influence the theology and doctrine of the Church, the theology and doctrine of the Church is supposed to influence society!

One of the hallmarks of the Orthodox Church is that our theology has not changed since the last Council.  We are the inheritors of the Ancient, unchanged faith of Jesus Christ and the Apostles and we kind of pride ourselves on that fact.  This does not mean that our Church does not change.  For example, my particular parish changed from Romanian to English many years ago.  The theology has not changed but our theological language has changed.  How we understand Scripture and the Father and Mothers of the Church changes over time but that only enhances our understanding of what they taught.

One of my most favorite quotes is, “”We must be super-conservative in preserving the orthodox faith, and super-modern in propagating it.”  ~St. Nikolai Velimerovich  St. Nikolai was born at the turn of the century and knew nothing of the Social Media that we know today and his words to us are very important.  Hold on to that faith of the past tight!

There is a backward thinking going on right now in America that I fear will not lead to good things.  Our freedoms are very important to all of us and I am not suggesting that we sacrifice one of those precious freedoms, but as I have written about before, with that freedom comes great responsibility to use those freedoms wisely.

When asked why the Orthodox Church never underwent a reformation as the Church in the West had my reply is because we are the Church of Jesus Christ and we are the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow!

Get to Know the Original

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