The Safety of Home

It is time once again for the one word at a time blog carnival that I participate in.  Please follow the link to the other posts in this series.

Home has taken on a new meaning for me in the past few days.  On June 1st my little Town was hit by an F3 tornado that demolished part of the Town.  My first thought was for my own home before I thought of anyone else.

That night when I arrived home I looked around and thought about all of the memories I have there in the 7 short years I have lived there and how I really would miss the place.  I cannot imagine what it would be like to loose your home and all of your possessions although it is becoming all to oclear to me.

I have really only ever lived in two places the home I grew up in and the one I live in now.  I have had my own apartment before but they never seemed like home.  It may seem shallow but I appreciate and I am very thankful for my home and all of the gifts God has given me.

A few days ago the same weather pattern came our way and I was very nerveous, the only place I wanted to be was at home, in the comfort of my own home.  There is something about those four walls that make you feel safe.  I was not able to calm myself down until I was at home where even if things went crazy, I knew it was going to be okay.  Home Sweet Home as they say.

For me home had always been where my hat was, but more and more, maybe this is because I am getting older, home seems to be where my heart is.


  1. Well Vic I am home in the catholic Church the Universal Church of Jesus Christ. An by the way it is Fr. Peter not dear petie. I am surprised that someone from the Roman Catholic Church would make reference to a priest in the Orthdox Church this way. It is very disrespectful.

    Thanks for your comments.

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