Orthodox Vocations

I have often thought that we in the Orthodox Church do not do enough to promote vocations to the Priesthood, Diaconate, and men’s and women’s monastic life.  It is the responsibility of every Orthodox Christian to not only pray for vocations but to actively promote them.  How many of our Churches have someone in the seminary preparing for a vocation in the Church?

Fr. John Peck has started a website, actually he started it sometime ago, specifically to aid in the promotion of vocations to the religious life in the Orthodox Church.  Good Guys Wear Black, Discerning Your Vocation in the Orthodox Church, is designed to help those thinking and praying about a vocation but also those of us who help promote them.

The site is chock full of resources and articles about the vocational journey.  There is an extensive media section with bulletin inserts and banners for websites.

Remember it is the job of all Orthodox Christians to promote vocations in the Church.

Just as a side note, if you are looking for a professionally designed website, Fr. John runs Logos Web Services, give them a try they do great work! 

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  1. I'm of the mind that it's better (and easier) to be good laity than good clergy. Christianity doesn't have a priestly class so I think it's better to strengthen the body as a whole rather than scouting for putative heads.

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