Top Blog Posts for July 2011

Each month I do a little review, thanks to Google Analytics, on the top posts for the month.  I find it an interesting way to see what y’all are reading on the blog.

July 2011 saw 1,466 visits with 2,016 page views.  Below is a list of the Top 10 Blog Posts.  I did not include hits to the “About Me” page as it really is not a blog post but it came in at number 5.

Thanks to all who stopped by in July!

1.  How to Destroy a Culture in 5 Easy Steps
2.  New Monasticism
3.  Statement on Tornado Donations
4.  Sermon ~ Not One Dot or Iota Will be Changed
5.  Evangelism in the Orthodox Church
6.  Inventor of the Doughnut
7.  Roman Catholic and Orthodox Differences on Original Sin
8.  Prayers Requested for Archbishop Dimitri
9.  Met Jonah: Encyclical on Marriage
10.  Cremation, and Orthodox Perspective

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