Morality (or lack of) in America

Wednesday night I was watching the X Factor on Fox. I tuned in for the second hour as I was watching something else. To my horror, and it would appear Paula Abdul as well, a man dropped his pants whilst singing a song. Okay, if this was a live show I might understand why this continued, but this show is tapped and all they did was put an “X” over his nasty bits! After his song was finished they continued to score him as if he was a real contestant.
So this got me thinking, well actually rethinking about the state of morality in American society. Where have we gone? I am not saying we need to return to “Leave it to Beaver” but just look at the state of things. There is a new TV show on something about waitresses; one of them says she has waiting on things in her life like home pregnancy tests! That is just outrageous. I am not blind to the fact that people live together before marriage and that people are having casual sex but do we have to advertise it and make it a trophy? A few years back there was a club at a high school in Gloucester, Massachusetts. All the girls were trying to get pregnant as some sort of trophy!
This morning I read a pastoral letter by Metropolitan Methodius of Boston (GOA). In it he laments about the state of society. Here is a link to the entire letter but I will just quote this one part because it speaks directly to the issue at hand.
“For us Orthodox Christians, the changes in the moral standards in our society have occurred so slowly that they have become imperceptible. We have adapted to the slow deterioration of moral life in society to the point where we have adapted to the moral decay in our midst and have taken it for granted. Sadly we live in a world of moral and ethical relativism, hedonism and selfishness; in a world in desperate need of spiritual renewal.”
I think he hit the nail right on the head.
Towards the end of his letter he remarks that he fears we have grown accustomed to sinful behavior. I would have to agree. I stand week after week in the church for confessions and no one comes yet everyone approaches the cup. Yes I can refuse them but I don’t, so I guess I am part of the problem.
We have just accepted the fact that girls wear skimpy clothes with writing on their butts, boy get girls pregnant and then shun their responsibility and the rest of the litany of problem. I just do not know what we can do!
We need to seriously look at what we have accepted as society. When did the heat get turned up and we did not notice?

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  1. i have given up watching the regular channels like cbc,nbc and abc because every show talks about gay sex,bathroom humor and sex.
    I stay with watching new or family channels.
    I know sex is out there, but its come to the point where every channel tries to top themselves on how disgusting they can be.
    I'ts no wonder girls and guys at 14are having sex.
    No moral compass going on at primetime.
    you don't need to buy the pay channels anymore to see the sex and hear the swearing.linda n

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