On the Road Again

I am off today to the 2011 Symposium Pilgrims and Pioneers: The Growth of Orthodox Christianity in 20th Century America sponsored by The Society for Orthodox Christian History in the Americas and Fr. Georges Florovsky Orthodox Christian Theological Society at Princeton University.

I will be presenting a paper titled: Macedonian-Romanian Immigration to Southbridge.

It has been a very interesting exercise in writing this paper.  Digging back into the minutes of the parish has been very enlightening, especially since they were all in Romanian!  I have a much greater respect for the founding father and mothers of not only this church, but every church that was founded by hard working immigrants.  The sacrifices that they made so we could have a church today is nothing short of amazing.

So, please pray for me and for those who will be attending, as we travel from all points to Princeton and pray for those of us who will be presenting papers.

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