Poverty in America

I have been thinking about this topic for sometime now and I really do not have any conclusions.  I believe that things are going to get worse before they get better and I also do not believe that forced charity is the way to go.  People need to step up and help of their own accord and not because they are forced too.  Redistribution of wealth is not Biblical in my opinion and I think it is wrong to force people to give.  Yes the Gospel tells us that to those who have been given much, much is expected in return, but people need to give on their own, that is what charity is all about.

Here are some stats: Poverty in America is now at its highest level since counting began in 1959.  15.1% of Americans are now considered at or below the poverty rate.  The poverty rate is $22,113 for a family of four in the US.  Imagine a family of four living on $22,000 a year.

What can we do?  I have posted before about the church stepping up and doing more to assist folks in their own back yard.  The numbers at our twice monthly community meals continues to grow and we are considering adding another week to the mix.  I see churches around me spending millions on expansions of their churches and think that something is wrong with this picture.  Yes the temple should be beautiful but at what cost?  Should we have beautiful temples and starving people?  Should we have beautiful temples and homeless people sleeping on the steps of that temple?  Something seems amiss here.

I don’t have all the answer, not even many answers, but I do know if we do not do something, and fast, things will be desperate.

What are you doing to help your neighbors?


  1. we can not save everybody but our community meals allow us to do our part in our small neighborhood.
    there will always be have and have nots.
    so we do our best and that is all God ask of us

  2. people have no incentive to give to those in need when they feel the goverment will take care of the poor.
    there is so much people can do to help those in need things like putting food in food bank boxes at grocery stores,give used clothes and items to salvation army,check out all the charitable sites on the computer and in paper and maazines..so many people in need of help,you just have to pick a group and you will find those places in need of your money,time and tallent.

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