Top Posts August 2011

Another month has passed and I believe this was the biggest month for the blog.  Google Analytics is a great tool for tracking visitors to the blog.  For the month of August the blog had 2,105 visits.  That is a high number for this blog but an even more amazing number is the number of new visitors to the blog in August.  That number is 63.75%.  More than half of you visited this blog for the first time.  I say a bog thank you and I hope to see you again.  Now on to the top posts for the month of August.

Prayer Against Bad Weather
Wednesday Recipe ~ Baked Haddock
Death Notification
About Me
The Churching of Women
On Rich and Poor
The Service of Naming a Child
Book Review ~ Divine Liturgy, A Student Text
Good Leaders must First be Good Followers
Hurricane Irene

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