Deanery Meeting

Friday began a meeting of all of the priests and delegates from the Eastern Deanery of the Romanian Orthodox Archdiocese in the Americas.  The deanery is a subsection of the Archdiocese and stretches from Maine to Florida and was far west as New York and Virginia.  There are three deaneries in the USA; Eastern, Midwest, and West and two in Canada; Eastern and Western.  We gather every other year for meetings and discussions and Social time to renew old friend ships and make new ones.

Yesterday we began with parish introductions and a time to share, briefly, what is going on in the parish.  Many spoke of repairs and other such things but not many spoke about ministry that is going on in the parish.  I find this a little disturbing.  We tend to focus on the problems and not on what is really going on.

After the introductions we had a presentation by the Dean of the School of Theology in Bucharest on the problems with the Sacraments of Baptism and Matrimony.  He spoke of the Liturgical irregularities and how we need to get back to what the typicon instructs us to do.  This is in other words what the great blogging priest Fr. Z always says, “Do the Red and Say the Black” I for one am glad to see we are taking these things a bit more seriously.  It was a great talk and an even greater discussion after.

Last night it was a time for the priests to gather around our Bishops for a time of discussion and education.  His Eminence has a wonderful head on his shoulders and he is a great leader.  He listens and lets us talk and help his to enact policies in the Archdiocese that will move us forward.  We hear reports of what is going on and what some of the plans are for the future.  By the way the future looks bright we had two new mission parishes in attendance with us one from Norfolk, Virginia and one from New Jersey.  I also hear of one forming in New Hampshire.

Today we continue our discussion on Marriage and Baptism and then hear more parish reports.  The food has been wonderful, as it usually is at these gatherings.  I like to say that these gatherings are one long meal interrupted by meals!  It seems we leave the dining room only long enough for them to re set the tables!  It has been great.

I will ask your prayers as I head home this afternoon.

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